Next Generation

Mobile Security & Encryption

Evolve and Advance your Mobile Security.

Evolve and Advance your Mobile


CryptCom converts your Smartphone into a highly secure communications device with an everyday standard Android phone interface.

For added convenience, on CryptCom installed smartphones, you also have access to download and securely use several other popular privacy applications.

Decentralized Secure Network

CryptCom utilizes a cutting edge decentralized network, with use of systems simultaneously spread across many geographic locations globally. For added security and to maintain its decentralized nature, systems used for relaying encrypted communications auto delete and move daily.
CryptCom uses a sophisticated secure Dynamic VPN that constantly changes with perpetually Rotating System IP’s.

Application Features

Encrypted Pictures

Modify pictures (crop, zoom, blur out, or mark-up).

Group Chat

with zero knowledge anonymous groups option, users will not be able see and retrieve group members contact information.

Encrypted Memos

Insert pictures, voice notes, video, or checklists into encrypted note files inside Vault.

High Quality Interface & Easy to use Application

Feature explanations are included within the application.

Encrypted Video

Create and send encrypted videos.

Encrypted Back-Up Option

Data is temporarily backed-up into several encrypted pieces across multiple secure cloud systems, and is only possible to restore with your personal secured password.

End User Support

Accessible within the application and from within the website.

Encrypted Chat & Email Combined Messaging

Hybrid encrypted chat & emails in live chat view with delivered & read notification check marks, delete & edit message functions, text translation, and burn timer for message self destruct from user devices.

Encrypted Voice Calling & Voice Messaging

With secure algorithm voice changer.

SOS Duress Notification

Backwards entry of your PIN simultaneously notifies emergency contacts of duress situation, and wipes messages as well as vault contents from the application.

Text Masking

Text converts to unreadable masked font when device is idle.

Option to Add other Secure Messaging Apps

For convenience and to stay connected with other contacts, within the secure hidden space on device, users can add Signal, Threema, Wickr, Silent Circle and other secure apps.

Encrypted Vault

For encrypted storage of pictures, video, notes & voice files.

Application Cloaking

Mask your application UI to look like WhatsApp or other popular apps.

Worldwide Service

Worldwide international data access SIM cards are included.
Devices come with two SIM cards for carrier data redundancy to prevent downtime and enhance coverage.

Easy Set-up

QR Scan initiates activation process, no complicated lengthy loading process; it takes only a couple minutes to activate a handset.


Seemless Integration
Cryptcom can communicate with most encryption services available in the market; enjoy being able to carry a single device that accommodates all of your secure communication needs with contacts.

System Security Features

Hidden Security Apps

Device looks like a regular Android phone.

No Fixed Targetable Server Locations

Decentralized Globally, servers destruct every 24 hours after hand-off to a new server, leaving no trace behind.

High Level Encryption ECC, OMEMO, AES-256, XMPP

Equivalent to over 15,360 Bit RSA

Anti-Surveillance Technology with auto IMEI changer.

User Controlled & Auto Changing Encryption Keys

Private encryption keys are generated and stored securely on mobile device only. Unique session and per message keys, uses Double Ratcheted algorithm.

Grab Proof

Applications will lockout and hide if device is shaken or grabbed.

High level Authentication protocol using HMAC-SHA256

Application password is hashed into very long password to resist any brute force attacks.

Tamper Proof & Inactivity Wipe Function

Device Tampering and inactivity criteria set by user will cause device to wipe.

Application & Device are Not Updateable Via Push Updates

For added security, no over-the-air push updates are possible from any systems.

Burn all Device Data with PIN Sequence

Use PIN sequence to quickly and securely remove all application content and messages.

Secured Handset

CryptCom Secured Handset

Cryptcom deploys a secure Mobile device manager (MDM) within the smartphone which is autonomous, only on the device without any remote server dependency such as with typical commercial MDM systems which leave remote access backdoor vulnerabilities.

Encrypted Hidden Partition on device

Regular looking handset with standard looking applications. Enter Encrypted Partition using a secret PIN inside the Phone Dialer.

No Backdoor access to device or application possible

Devices are not updatable via push updates, therefore no 3rd party is able to force an unauthorized update that could deteriorate security to Cryptcom loaded smartphones.

Rotating IPs

Chat sessions connected via random proxy servers to ensure the user’s IP locations are kept private. IPs continuously change.

IMEI Changer

Device will advertise a changing IMEI, it is auto changing to prevent surveillance.

Grab Proof

Device auto logs out if grabbed from users hands or device gets shaken or jolted.

Secure Firewall

All end-points are secured. By design, no unauthorized data flow can pass the secure firewall. Device only allows whitelisted authorized data flows and applications.


Decentralized Globally with Server & IP Rotation
24 hour Self Destruction of Servers with Servers & Geolocation Changing
No retention of Messages, Servers are only temporarily used for relays
Systems IP Masking
No Use of Commercial MDM such as Blackberry UEM or any others
No Use of Domains, DNS, or Targetable Static VPNs. Uses Dynamic VPNs
Custom Secured OS Handsets with Firewall preventing any unauthorized data flows
No Backdoors Access to Application or Device, Non-Updateable
Anti-Surveillance Technology with intelligent IMEI Changer & Rotation
Secure Firewall Permitting only Authorized Necessary Data Flows
Private Standard looking Android Device with Customizable Secure Home screen Apps
Tamper Proof Wipe Functions
Encrypted Voice Calling with Voice Changer Algorithm
Encrypted Voice Notes with Voice Changer Algorithm
Translation of Message Languages
SOS Distress Notification to Specific Contacts
Application Cloaking to Disguise Application as Regular Market App
Translation of Message Languages

Competing Products

Targetable Fixed Location Servers and IP’s
Servers Remain the Same and in Same Location
Systems often retain messages for unknown periods of time
Targetable, Traceable Server & Device IP’s
Using Commercial MDM such as Blackberry UEM that leaves possible backdoor security vulnerability

Targetable Domains, DNS, and Static VPN’s

Standard Market Handsetswith Inadequate Device Security
Over the Air Access to Update User Devices at will leaving vulnerability for possible third party attacks and monitoring
User Location Monitoring and IMEI retrieval from Device Possible
Allows all data flows
Visually Observable that it is a Security Related Device
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available


Distribution Partners such as wireless stores or independent IT vendors may resell services to their clients. We provide a modern easy to use smartphone/ tablet based portal for you to manage your business, and technical support. Request a Demo download of the Cryptcom Application today!